3 Reasons Why a Full Finger Armor Ring Makes The Perfect Gift For a Man or Woman

If you are looking for a gift that is a little different from the normal run of the mill handkerchiefs, socks, scarves, gloves and bath salts have you ever considered an armor ring to totally surprise and delight the lucky recipient? I really think that you would be giving them a gift that not only is unique but, one that I am pretty sure nobody else will duplicate either.

If the lucky birthday boy or girl (or maybe you are looking a little further ahead to Christmas or perhaps an achievement present) is difficult to buy for because they have most things or, perhaps they are a little quirky and have unusual tastes then I think that an armor ring really is the perfect solution to end any gift problems that you may be having for any number of reasons.

1) The visual impact. By definition we are still talking about and describing a ring because it is worn on the finger and does indeed go around it but, this is where we part company from the usual ideas of what to expect and round and boring is not the first thing that springs to mind when you see one for the first time, for sure.

2) Clever design. Generally made of pewter or sterling silver they are more of a finger decoration than or adornment. Ok, so what do I mean by that? Another name for these stunning pieces of jewelry is full finger ring and this may give you a better idea of what to expect.

Fashioned from 2 or 3 pieces of your chosen metal, they are cleverly jointed in exactly the same places as your own fingers and so move with ease when your hand does. They are very comfortable to wear as both pewter and silver sit nicely against the skin and are comfy.

3) Stunning styles. With the terms Gothic ring and Medieval ring also used to describe them, you get images being conjured up of majestic gothic architecture with high, pointed arches and fantastic rich, stone carvings which really does capture the essence of the art work that has gone into these amazing rings, they are very symbolic of that era.

Also, you can easily visualise the armour worn by knights in days gone by when a maidens honour was hard fought for and won with pride. That said, they definitely have unisex appeal and do not sit firmly in the masculine or the feminine with some intricate and delicate styles as well as more robust and rugged too.

I think that one of the most captivating things about an armor ring just has to be the quiet sense of mystery that they seem to give off, almost as if you are permitted to own and wear one. So, for the ultimate surprise on somebody’s special day for, whatever the celebration, I really think that you can sit back with a sense of your own quiet satisfaction knowing that you will be giving the perfect present. beer earrings

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