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Angel figurines are a popular collectible for many people. They can be displayed throughout the year and are great for gifting. People also like to trade these figurines and resell them.

This Meissen angel features a cherub with flowers in his hands. The detail is amazing. This is another wonderful piece from Meissen that you can add to your collection.


Angels are messengers of the divine and are believed to bring blessings. They are a wonderful addition to any home or office. They are also the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. We offer a wide selection of beautiful hand-carved porcelain angels. These angels are made by skilled craftsmen from a variety of countries. They are ideal for display on a mantle, table, or any other flat surface. They are also a great gift for any holiday.

In 1835 a former accountant Ludwig Oels moved his business to the town of Scheibe in Thuringia, Germany. Soon he began producing high-quality, large, complex statues and busts. His first pieces were models of classical and historical figures, but in the late 19th century he focused on making figurative pieces depicting Napoleon’s generals. These were painted in colors and gilt details. They were modeled wearing their respective uniforms and standing on bases adorned with imperial eagles. Each figure was inscribed with a short incised biography of the general, including birth and dated military battles.

After the founding of the German Democratic Republic in 1949 the economic interests of the porcelain manufacturers slowly shifted in favor of using their factories as an instrument for gaining urgently needed foreign currency. This resulted in larger factories being forced into a mixed company form that allowed state participation. This status was kept until the factory in Scheibe-Alsbach was completely nationalized in 1972.


The Meissen brand is one of the oldest European porcelain manufacturers and their figurines are highly collectable. Their prices can be quite high but they are well worth the money. The best way to get an accurate idea of the price of a piece is to visit a dealer and see what other collectors are offering for similar pieces.

The first Meissen figurines were created by sculptor Johann Jakob Kirchner, but they became famous under the direction of Johann Joachim Kandler in the 1730s. He was a master at breathing life into his figures. He used various color schemes to create unique, distinctive pieces that are not produced in series.

Initially, Meissen porcelain figures were designed as tableware. Their designs mimicked the shapes of sugar moulds, which were devices for displaying sugar on grand dining tables. These sugar moulds were often shaped like animals and other objects.

Meissen’s popularity led to imitations by other ceramists. The Capodimonte porcelain factory in Naples, for example, produced soft-paste porcelain figures that resembled the hard-paste Meissen models.

Meissen was also renowned for its gilding. The gold applied to their wares had a rich, honey-colored glow that was distinct from the gilding of other porcelain makers at the time. In the late 18th century, Augustus encouraged his staff artists to experiment with decorative elements. The resulting wares displayed both Rococo and Neoclassical elements.


Goebel is a family-owned business that has over 150 employees and produces more than 20 million figurines every year. The company specializes in aesthetic products that make life more beautiful and give pleasure to the soul. Their wide assortment of designs satisfies every taste and style. Their products are used for decorative purposes, as collectibles and as a high-quality present. The company also offers a number of services, including vendor shops, in-house metal and international projects.

The Hummel figurines are Goebel’s most popular and highest-valued items. They were designed by Sister M. I. Hummel, an art graduate who started drawing rosy-cheeked children after she entered the convent. The first Hummel figurines were introduced in 1935 and quickly became a worldwide success. However, the success of Goebel’s figurines was short-lived, as Nazi forces limited and eventually shut down production.

There are several different types of Goebel figurines, each with its own unique backstamp. One of the most important is the TMK-2 crown mark, which features a large, discernible bee inside a V. This marking was used from 1950 to 1956 and is often accompanied by a black stamp that says Germany, or West Germany, if it was made in 1956.

The TMK-5 crown mark is similar, but it contains a bee with a smaller head and is only used on Hummel figurines. The TMK-6 crown mark is the same as 5, but it does not contain a bee and was only used from 1979 to 1990.

Jay Strongwater

Jay Strongwater is a home furnishing company that designs and crafts products such as frames, figurines of birds, animals, floral and religious masterpieces. Their products are handmade and hand-set with Swarovski crystals. Each frame, figurine and ornament goes through a long design and manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality possible. They serve customers in the United States.

The story of Jay Strongwater begins with the idea of turning everyday objects into jewels for the home. From miniature boxes to luxe sculptures, his bejeweled creations seem to be purloined from some enchanted forest where Swarovski crystals fall like snowflakes. Jay Strongwater’s work is distributed in leading luxury department stores, fine independent retailers and through their direct to consumer business.

In 1995, Jay Strongwater crafted his first picture frame from components of his jewelry collection. He gave the frames as gifts to buyers and editors, who encouraged him to develop a larger decorative collection. Today, the Jay Strongwater line includes frames, compacts, clocks, trays, trinket boxes, ornaments and bar accessories, all bejeweled with semi-precious jewels and a rainbow of unusual colored enamels.

The best place to buy a Jay Strongwater piece is at a retailer that specializes in these types of home decor items. These retailers will have a wide selection of pieces to choose from, and they can help you find the perfect one for your home. Some retailers even offer free gift wrapping. Other benefits of buying a Jay Strongwater product include a warranty and the option to have the item custom-signed by the designer himself. angel figurines manufacturers

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