Arden Fair 2023 – A Success Thanks to Volunteers

Arden Fair 2023 – a success thanks to volunteers

Known as “the ardens” or “the Village of Arden,” this community of 260 households is the oldest and largest of three villages, including Ardentown and Ardencroft. Most activities in the community center around Gild Hall, where concerts, musicals, plays and Saturday evening dinners take place throughout the year.

The name arden derives from the Brythonic word argeth, meaning high or elevated land. It’s apt given the natural geography of this area — a mix of valleys and woods bounded by the Roman roads Icknield Street, Watling Street, Fosse Way, and a prehistoric salt track leading from Henley-in-Arden.

Amid the lush surroundings are the homes, some designed in the Arts and Crafts style that valued hand-crafted objects and included a wide range of architectural elements. Many of the houses still bear those elements, reflecting the close-knit character that is evident at the annual Arden Fair.

Arden’s woodlands abound with wildflowers and birds. The community maintains their natural beauty through regular woods cleanup, ivy pulls and other volunteer efforts. You can learn more about the Arden Forest Committee’s work at their website and Facebook page.

Residents are also able to shop at the Arden Fair, a major regional mall managed by Fulcrum and home to more than 150 premier apparel and specialty shops such as Apple, Coach and lululemon athletica. The center is a popular destination for Sacramento shoppers, and its design has earned several awards.

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