Bilanz Hattingen – A Biweekly Business Magazine

Bilanz Hattingen

– a Biweekly Business Magazine published in German
The team of the Bilanz publishing company is dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized companies in their quest for success. We provide an extensive range of services, from the development of a new corporate strategy through to the implementation of a comprehensive financial management system.

Our specialized teams for the production of business plans, annual reports and tax return prepare an outstanding end product in an eye-catching form. We offer you an effective, timely and professional service from our offices in Hattingen.

The creation of an annual report (Bilanz) and the creation of a budget for the year are both governed by the provisions of the Handelsrecht. The underlying principle is the “annual accounting” concept, which defines the term “annual report” and consists of an annual profit and loss account (Bilanz) and an annual balance sheet (Grosszügigkeitskonsolidation). A profit and loss statement is an essential document for any company, since it enables the preparation of a business plan and the calculation of revenues and expenses, which are necessary to meet financial goals. A budget is also required if the business intends to carry out a major project and/or to invest in new equipment. The main purpose of a budget is to ensure the company can carry out its planned activities in an appropriate and economical manner. Bilanz Hattingen

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