Breast Milk Leak Catcher

Some breastfeeding moms experience leaking breast milk. There are many ways to deal with this, such as using breast pads that absorb the leakage to prevent it from getting on your clothes. Another option is a breast milk leak catcher that captures the milk to be saved and used later. These devices are similar to breast pumps in that they are worn inside the bra and collect the leaking milk into a reservoir. They are often referred to as ‘milk savers’ or ‘breast shells’ and they work passively rather than actively sucking milk from the nipple.

A breastfeeding milk catcher has two parts: the bottom is a ring that sits under your areola and nipple. The top is a dome-shaped cup that is placed over the bottom ring and fits snuggly against your nipple. When you put the cup in place, it creates a light suction that maximises how much milk it can catch from your let-down. The suction is not painful or uncomfortable, and the milk that you catch can be transferred from the cup to a storage bag or bottle.

Many breastfeeding mamas use a milk collector to help with supply stimulation. However, it is important to note that each woman’s lactation journey is different and what works for one mama may not work for another. Some mothers also find that the continuous suction of the pump or milk catcher can cause their breasts to over-produce milk and may not be ideal for their individual baby’s needs. breast milk leak catcher

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