Building a YouTube Community Through Community Posts

Building a YouTube community is all about encouraging interactions with your videos and content. It’s about cultivating a loyal group of viewers who will take action, whether that’s buying merchandise, subscribing to your channel, turning on your channel notifications or watching more of your content.

One way to do that is to post content in the Community tab, which is a social media feed within YouTube. This feature allows creators to interact with their audience through text updates, GIFs, polls, images and videos. It’s a great tool for showing behind-the-scenes updates or just sharing more casual updates with your viewers.

The best part is that it’s also a way for creators to show their appreciation for their followers. It’s easy to acknowledge your viewers on a Community post by giving them a thumbs up and letting them know that you are listening. You can even heart their comments, which will generate a notification for them (depending on their settings).

To create a community post, click on the ‘create’ icon on the top left of your screen and select Community posts from the drop-down menu. You can then add a short message to your post along with a video, gif, image, poll or a text update. You can also mention other channels in your post using the @ function and users will receive a notification if they are mentioned. You can also pin a post to the top of your Community tab, which will make it the first thing people see when they open your page.

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