Choosing Portable Pumps For Fire Fighting

When a fire occurs, a fire department needs to respond quickly with water to smother the flames. A portable pump for fire fighting is one of the most important pieces of equipment for a fire fighting crew to have. Choosing the right portable water pump depends on many factors including the potential fire hazard, availability of a water source, and the size of hose used. It also takes into account the ability to operate the pump when it is in use.

The fire fighting pumps that are able to deliver high levels of pressure can help extinguish the fire in less time and with greater efficiency. They can also pump a larger volume of water, which is needed for filling tankers/tenders and draining cellars. These types of fire fighting pumps can be found in a variety of configurations, including electric start, recoil start, single or twin impeller and with or without roll cages.

In order to function properly, fire fighting pumps require a significant amount of power from an engine to move the water through the hose. The power of the pump is often measured by PSI and GPM. PSI is the measurement of pressure per square inch and GPM measures how much water can be delivered in a minute.

A fire pump’s ideal PSI is 100PSI or higher, which gives the pump the power it needs to push water through a hose and towards the fire with enough force to put out a large fire. The water pressure is also impacted by whether the pump is operating uphill or downhill and if it is being used for a long period of time, or if the fire fighters are wearing thick gloves.

It is also important to know what type of nozzle that the fire fighting pump will be connecting with. A nozzle will have a different impact on the flow of water, and it will be impacted by the hose size as well. A 1″ hose is the most common hose size for fire fighting and offers the best balance of manageability and volume.

When determining which fire fighting pump is best for the task, it is also important to consider the availability of a water supply, the ability to operate the pump while in use, and the capability to connect to the right nozzles. A fire department may need multiple fire fighting pumps, and it is helpful to have one that is able to operate on a trailer for easy transportation between fires.

At Comet, we offer a range of fire fighting water pumps that meet these specifications and are available in both electric and recoil start with or without a roll cage and single or twin impeller. They are also backed by a 3 year motor warranty and a 2 year warranty on the wet end and the frame. We provide our customers with the peace of mind that they are purchasing a reliable, Australian made fire fighting pump. portable pumps for fire fighting

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