Cloud Gavel and Electronic Warrant Solutions

GAVEL is a no-code platform that allows users to build document automation and client-facing web applications. It enables teams to create interview workflows, upload documents to be tagged to interview questions and share them with clients and colleagues. Users can also add branching logic to their workflows and search results across multiple workflows.

Founded by Dorna Moini, a lawyer at law firm Sidley Austin, cloud gavel is designed to help solo practitioners and small firms efficiently start or manage their practice. It combines practice management, document vault, electronic payments, messaging and online scheduling in one solution. It also offers a single client portal for clients to access the documents.

The eWarrant solution eliminates paper copies and waste, reduces travel time and waiting for reviews, and helps to streamline the legal process for both the judge and the officer. It enables officers to be out in the community instead of spending time processing paperwork and allows them to focus on the apprehension and conviction of criminals. The cost of the system can quickly be recouped with the savings in overtime for officers who spend a significant portion of their work hours on warrant processing and filing.

Developed by Fusionstak LLC, the nation’s leading Electronic Warrant Solution is used in the police departments, investigative bureaus, and DA offices throughout the country. It has processed millions of transactions for arrest and search warrants and affidavits and is accessible anywhere internet is available. The mobile app provides judges and commissioners who are enrolled as users of the system the ability to review and approve warrants using their iPad or iPhone. cloud gavel

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