CloudGavel Blueprint – AI-Enabled Legal Practice Automation

The law and justice information sharing platform Gavel – previously Documate – has launched an AI-based document assembly and automation technology called Gavel Blueprint that uses generative AI to quickly create automated workflows using existing templates. The new functionality, which is powered by OpenAI, is aimed at helping professionals achieve immediate ROI from legal practice automation and is available now for all customers.

The US based company says the solution enables law enforcement officers to complete searches and obtain warrants on a mobile device while they are still on the scene of an incident. The eWarrant solution helps police departments save valuable officer work hours that would otherwise be spent on processing paperwork. The centralized system also allows departments to record all warrants and arrests for their jurisdiction and makes it easier to share this information with other agencies.

This information is also available to judges and judicial commissioners who are currently enrolled as users with Gavel through the web access portal and the CloudGavel 365 app. This mobile application offers a streamlined version of the web access portal and is more convenient for judges and commissioners who are on the go.

The company was founded by a dynamic team of industry experts with a passion for public safety. The management team includes the original founders of the electronic warrant concept. FusionStak is committed to delivering a best in class system that exceeds the demands of law enforcement personnel and has built a highly experienced team dedicated to addressing these challenges. cloud gavel

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