​​​​​Converting From US, UK, and EU Shoe Sizes

When it comes to shoes, finding the right fit is key. But shoe sizes vary by region — and even by brand. So whether you’re looking for the perfect pair of boots to wear to work or a comfortable sandal to wear on vacation, knowing your shoe size is essential. The good news is that converting shoe sizes between the US, UK, and EU isn’t as complicated as it seems. Simply use the chart below to find out what your shoe size is in the UK and the EU, then compare it to the US to find the right size.

The UK and EU use the so-called Paris point sizing system, which was established in the mid-19th century. This system uses centimetres to measure foot length and is based on the metric system, unlike Britain’s English system that still measures in inches.

When converting from US to UK shoe sizes, there is generally only a half-size difference for women and a full size difference for men. A US men’s shoe size 10 corresponds to a UK men’s shoe size 9.

It’s important to note that there is no universal formula for converting between the various systems. Instead, the conversion depends on how each brand adjusts their own size ranges to reflect the actual measurements of the feet they sell. For instance, some brands like Nike and Hoka One One increase the US sizes by a whole size (US 11 = UK 10), while other brands like Brooks and Saucony follow a standard half-size conversion (US 10 = UK 10.5). shoe size eu to us

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