Extract-All Oil Mist Collectors

Oil mist collector remove the harmful metalworking fluid (MWF) particles from industrial air streams. The collection of these particles is important because prolonged exposure can cause a variety of health problems including irritation of the skin and respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and fibrosis of the lung. Extract-all offers a line of source control mist collectors that mount to the machinery to filter the oil from the source, eliminating external exhaust and requiring no additional ducting for air output.

An important factor in determining the performance of an oil mist collector is its ability to reduce the particle size distribution and concentration at the inlet and outlet. The results of this study show that the baffle-type mist trap device can effectively achieve these goals by reducing the inlet and outlet particle size distributions. The results also indicate that the collection efficiency C/DP is proportional to the number of baffle plates and inflow velocity.

The main goal of this study was to design a mist trap device with a simple structure that can be easily manufactured and operated at a low cost. The performance of the device was evaluated by experiment and numerical simulation at varying numbers of baffle plates and inflow velocity. The results demonstrated that the mist trap device can collect a large amount of oil mist at a low pressure drop. Its collection efficiency also increases with increasing number of baffle plates.

When selecting an oil mist collector, it’s important to consider the machine’s airflow requirements and how much maintenance is required. An ideal option is a centrifugal mist collector that has a washable pre-filter that eliminates the larger particles and drains them to the lower chamber. This filter can be replaced without the need for disassembly of the machine. Another option is a cyclonic oil mist collector that uses a rotating drum to separate unwanted particles into large drops that drain out of the unit. This type of mist collector has the advantage of easy cleaning, but it’s not as effective at collecting fine oil mist particles.

An additional consideration is the cost of an oil mist collector, which can vary widely depending on the manufacturer and the model. Cartridge mist collectors are typically more expensive than cyclonic models, but they are generally considered to be more effective at filtering fine mist particles. However, since both types have a high level of efficiency and can be used to reduce fine particulate pollution, choosing the right one for your facility depends on several factors. For example, the wattage of the power supply is an important consideration because it determines how much electricity the mist collector will consume. In addition, it’s important to consider the cost of replacement filters and how often they must be replaced, as well as any additional ducting that will be required. These factors can make a significant difference in the final price of an oil mist collector. In most cases, the higher cost of a cartridge-style mist collector can be offset by the reduced need for replacement filters.

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