Fenbendazole For Dogs

Fenbendazole is a potent anthelmintic medication, used to combat intestinal parasites (roundworms, hookworms, lungworms, whipworms and some tapeworms) in dogs. It is also commonly used off-label to protect dogs against nematodes such as giardia.

The fenbendazole drug kills these parasites by interrupting their energy metabolism. It is very effective in dogs, and is excreted very rapidly after taking. Generally, veterinarians prescribe it for several days in a row to ensure that the parasites are all killed.

Like any medication, fenbendazole can have side effects such as vomiting or diarrhea. It can also cause a severe allergic reaction in some pets. If you notice any of these symptoms, seek veterinary attention immediately. This is especially important if your pet has a history of liver or kidney disease.

This medication can be taken as granules or as a liquid suspension and is given by mouth. It should be given with food to reduce gastrointestinal upset. You should only give your dog or cat the amount prescribed by your veterinarian. Never double dose or miss a dose. If your pet is dewormed with fenbendazole, they will need to be kept away from pigs and rabbits.

If you have questions about fenbendazole or any other antiparasitic compounded medications, please contact your Specialty Veterinary Pharmacy. We specialize in preparing custom medications for your pets according to their specific needs and as directed by your veterinarian. All of our medications are made at a licensed pharmacy and adhere to USP 795> guidelines. fenbendazole capsules

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