Find a Wrist Watch Repair Shop Near Me on Yelp

The wrist watch is a timekeeping engineering marvel with an amazing array of mechanical moving parts. But like any precision instrument, it’s not immune to wear and tear. From a simple battery change to a complete movement overhaul, a watch requires professional attention from time to time.

A good watch repair shop near me will be able to keep your timepiece in top condition for years to come. Whether it’s for personal use or gifting, the right watch repair service can ensure your piece keeps accurate time and is ready to be worn again when you need it.

Many Yelp reviewers say the staff at NY WATCH LAB are friendly and helpful. This mom-and-pop shop is known for its candid and direct service and is often able to fix your watch on the spot. It can also handle bigger repairs, including removing bracelet links for a better fit and replacing a broken strap.

Founded in 1952 and housed between tracks 38 and 39 at Grand Central Terminal, this watch-repair business is a real rarity. It has a reputation as one of the best places to take vintage watches in for servicing. “Out of all the facilities I’ve ever been to, this is where you want to take a handed-down watch,” says Ben Clymer, founder of watch-news site Hodinkee. Clymer once brought in a 1950s Heuer Camaro that his grandfather had passed down to him, and the owner prescribed a full watch overhaul. It cost him around $350.

A courtly Old World gentleman who came to his craft late in life, Mr. Vicovanu does most of his actual repair work in his workshop in Queens, where 20,000 parts are organized and labeled in special file cabinets with scores of small drawers. He will replace the internal wheels, springs, screws, axles, and pinions of your fine watch with original pieces—or, if those are unavailable, make them by hand, replate them, or solder them.

Few shops can match this Midtown artisan’s combination of speed and affordability. He will usually have your watch resized or fitted in about 15 minutes, and he’ll change your watch battery for $7 or less. wrist watch repair shop near me

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