Finding a Curly Hairdresser in Melbourne

Getting the right haircut is hard enough for people with straight locks, but when you’ve got curls, it’s doubly tricky. That’s why a good hairdresser is worth their weight in gold – and there’s no shortage of them to choose from in Melbourne, which is chock-full of stylish folk who rock luscious wavy, kinky or curly locks. Finding one to cater for your textured locks will give you results that last and look great at home, too.

A true curly hair specialist will always prioritise a client’s individual curls and lifestyle, rather than simply slicing away based on their own personal bias or Instagram styling prowess. Thankfully, this is exactly what you’ll find at Neel Loves Curls, where New Zealand-born Tina Mudd – aka ‘the queen of curls’ – transforms even the most unruly kinks and coils into envy-inducing ringlets with aplomb. Her bookings are hotly contested, with clients travelling interstate (and even internationally) just to get their luscious locks tamed by her expert scissor wizardry.

A Gippsland curlie with a flair for the theatrical, Danika Semedo has built her reputation on free hand, ‘curly girl’ cutting techniques that create shapes that complement each clients unique textured style. She also teaches her clients how to keep their strands hydrated, by stocking natural and Australian made curl care products.

If you have curly (or wavy or textured) hair, it’s important to find a salon that understands your locks. You want to walk out of the salon with a great haircut and the knowledge of how to maintain your curls in between visits.

Unfortunately, many salons are not equipped to serve their curly clientele. Most stylists prioritize Instagram-worthy styling and product sales over effective haircutting, leaving their clients with disappointing results and a lack of confidence in caring for their strands. The good news is that there are a few hairdressers that are truly curly-hair experts who understand how to properly cut and style curly hair to create flattering, lower-fuss results that align with your lifestyle and hair goals.

Curly Hair Salon Melbourne

Whether you’re looking for a low-key trim or a full-on hair makeover, we’ve got you covered with our list of Gina Approved hair places that know how to work with your natural curl pattern. From a Deva-certified salon to a professional who’s been in the business for 30 years, you can trust that any of these curly-haired gurus will leave your locks feeling and looking fabulous! curly hairdresser melbourne

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