Fire Fighting Water Pump

A fire fighting water pump is the heart of a fire sprinkler system, delivering a continuous flow of pressurized water to protect people and property. These pumps can be used as the main supply for fire fighting systems or to boost other sources of water such as hydrants or tanks. Fire fighting water pumps are available in a variety of styles including electric or diesel, with or without hose reels, and roll frame or pedestal. The size of your water source will determine which type of fire fighting pump you need. For example, larger pumps require a large water storage capacity to function properly.

It is the responsibility of building owners and/or employers to ensure that suitable fire prevention and fire-fighting equipment is in place and functional. This includes having a fire fighting water pump that is inspected at least once a year by an independent third party to check its performance and identify any issues with its operation. Regular visual inspections should also be conducted to spot any potential problems and wear.

When it comes to the operation of fire fighting water pumps it is important to understand how to calculate nozzle flow, pump head and pressure. Having a full understanding of these principles will allow the pump operator to move beyond being a knob puller who sets predetermined figures on a gauge and become an engineer capable of efficiently filling a hose line at the nozzle with the appropriate amount of water.

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