Funko Pop Naruto Ninja Figures

If you’re a fan of the popular Funko Pop toys, which are a type of small figurine with exaggerated features like giant bobbleheads and oversized eyes, you may be interested in adding some figures to your collection from one of the most popular anime series. The ninja-inspired Naruto characters are available in the POP lineup, which has connections to a number of leading franchises and genres. According to BestReviews, a Naruto Pop figure can cost anywhere from $49 to $250, and some of the more rare ones have been known to appreciate in value over time.

The latest wave of Funko Pop ninja figures includes Naruto Uzumaki, the title character and jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox clan, who is on a mission to become Hokage of his village. A standard Naruto Pop captures the title hero in his signature orange tracksuit with a spiky hairdo, while a variant that highlights his coveted Rasengan attack is also available. The line also includes a dreaded rogue in the form of Hidan, who’s ready to summon his size-shifting Jutsu and create chaos.

Another sought-after option in the Naruto line is the tailed beast Gaara, who once served as an antagonist but now protects the Hidden Sand Village with his unique ability to create a shield of flames and use mind-controlling techniques. Other figures include a ninja master in the form of Kakashi, who is seen in his classic outfit and wielding his katana, along with the titular hero’s son Boruto wearing his Hokage cape. Collectors can also find a 6″ Super Sized Kurama glow-in-the-dark figure issued exclusively at Hot Topic, and a BoxLunch exclusive of Jiraiya with his Rasengan. funko pop naruto

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