German Lessons Near Me

Whether you’re a student seeking out German lessons near me for a future vacation or to better connect with coworkers in Germany, there are many ways to learn the language. The best option for you will depend on your learning style, but Varsity Tutors can help find the right course for you whether online, through group classes, or private tutoring.

With a strong connection to English, learning the language of music, literature, and world-renowned beer will allow you to connect with a new culture and understand its historical impact on the global economy. German is also closely related to Dutch, Frisian, and Afrikaans – making it an ideal language for those who want to expand their vocabulary for international business or travel.

Duolingo is an online German learning app that uses repetition and contextual practice to teach the language. Each short themed lesson (called a skill) introduces new words and phrases and reviews words you’ve learned in previous skills. However, the app can be overwhelming and impersonal for students looking for more structure and individualized attention.

Memrise is another online German learning tool that helps you learn the language with real-world videos. The app provides interactive subtitles and transcripts to guide you through the video, so you can learn the language in context and at your own pace. If you see a word or phrase you don’t know, the app will pause the video and give you the definition instantly. You can also add any words you’re interested in to a “to-learn” list for later review.

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