How Instant Moving Quotes Differ From One Another

The best way to get a solid idea of what your move is going to cost is to request a quote from a reputable moving company. You can use online tools to gather a few quotes, but it’s important to understand how they vary in order to make the most of your comparisons. The best companies will provide transparent estimates, but you can also take steps to prevent surprise charges when it’s time to pay the bill.

An instant online moving estimate can be helpful in planning your budget, but it’s generally just a rough prediction based on the number of rooms and distance of the move. If you’re looking for a more accurate quote, an official moving estimate will be based on an in-home inspection by a personal move coordinator. During this visit, the move coordinator will be able to view your items and make a thorough inventory list that covers everything that will be moved. This will help the mover gauge the weight of the shipment and take into account any special services, like elevators or steep stairs.

The time of year will affect your moving quote as well, with summer months tending to be the most expensive. You can lower your moving costs by opting to move mid-month or during the wintertime.

Your moving quote may also include optional services, like packing assistance and storage. You’ll want to fully understand what these extras are before agreeing to them. Also, make sure to check the terms of any service agreements you sign. For example, you’ll need to know if you’re signing up for a binding or nonbinding estimate.

Binding moving quotes are a great option because the price is set in advance and cannot be increased at delivery. Nonbinding estimates, on the other hand, allow movers to charge up to 110% of the original quote when your belongings are delivered. This gives movers the leeway they need to cover their additional expenses, but can also be frustrating for customers who expected their final move bill to be less than what they originally guessed.

Some movers will provide you with a nonbinding estimate, and this is likely the most common type of moving quote. If you agree to a nonbinding estimate, the mover will calculate your move based on the estimated weight of your belongings. If the actual weight is lighter than what was originally estimated, then your final bill will be less than what you were quoted. However, if the weight is heavier than what was originally estimated, then your bill will be more.

The best way to prepare for your move is by gathering a few different moving quotes from various reputable companies in your area. Comparing these quotes can help you identify any red flags and potential hidden fees. Having a clear understanding of your moving quotes will give you the leverage you need to negotiate with movers and get the most out of your moving experience. instant moving quotes

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