How Norcold RV Refrigerators Work

Norcold is a name that’s synonymous with quality in the RV world, with refrigerators that are quiet and efficient. This is due to the way they work, compared to traditional fridges that use compressors and fans, the Norcold Polar series uses heat to cool! They are also able to run on a variety of power sources including electricity and propane.

They are extremely durable as well and there are many RVs on the road today with 20 year old norcold rv refrigerators that still function exactly how they did when new! This is thanks to the way they are designed and manufactured.

The absorption fridges in the Norcold Polar series work by using a process that converts an ammonia-based refrigerant from liquid to gaseous. Then, it circulates the refrigerant through metal coils to absorb and remove heat from the air to keep your food cold. When the fridge isn’t in use, it turns the refrigerant back into a liquid so that the cycle can start again.

When the fridge is running on propane, it has a feature that will reduce the compressor and fan operation to help conserve battery power. This is especially helpful when you’re trying to sleep or relax in your RV.

If you are noticing that your fridge isn’t keeping things cold enough it could be that the temperature controls are set too low or there is something blocking the airflow through the coils. You can easily troubleshoot this with a few basic steps and tips. norcold parts online

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