How to Choose a British Male Voiceover for Your Explainer Video

The right voiceover can make or break your explainer video. You want your audience to connect with your message and feel inspired by it, so you need to choose the right voice. You’ll find thousands of voice-over artists on the internet, all claiming to be the best in their niche. It’s a daunting task to choose one that suits your project. However, you can use a few simple steps to narrow down your search and get the right voice over for your video.

To begin with, you need to consider the type of tone your project requires. The tone should reflect the emotion and message you’re trying to convey to your audience. For instance, a commercial advertising cologne to middle-aged men needs an emotion-filled and persuasive tone to attract the target market. On the other hand, a video explaining how to mount a TV on a wall is better served with a flat and authoritative voice that will be effective in conveying technical information to your viewers.

Next, you need to determine which accent is appropriate for your audience. You may need to go with a British accent or a standard American English accent, depending on the type of voice your audience is accustomed to hearing. For instance, if you’re promoting a product to a Welsh audience, a British male voiceover will be ideal because the audience will easily relate with the language used in the advertisement.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s important to listen to samples of each voiceover. This will help you understand the style and quality of the work that each artist produces. In addition, you’ll be able to assess the diction, enunciation, and expressiveness of each person’s voice. After examining samples of each talent, you can select the one that matches your project.

Paul Berry is a professional British male voiceover artist who can provide high-quality native English voice-over narrations for radio, apps, TV, video, IVR, on hold messages, animation and corporate projects. He has more than 23 years of experience in the field. He specializes in character voiceover, dubbing and eLearning.

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