How to Create Your Own Pokemon Figures

Whether you’re looking for something new to add to your Pokemon collection or you want to gift something to someone who is a fan, there are tons of great Pokemon figures out there.

The Pokemon franchise is one of Nintendo’s biggest and most successful video game series. Since its inception back in 1996, it has spawned multiple spin-off games, an animated series, a trading card game and an uncountable amount of merchandise.

These items are a fun way to show your love of the Pokemon universe and they can be a great addition to any collection or home. There are even some really cool Pokemon figurines that can be used to re-enact your favorite adventures from the franchise.

There are a lot of cool Pokemon designs out there, so if you’re thinking of creating your own Pokemon figure, here are some tips to get started on the right foot:

Create an interesting base for your Pokemon by drawing something that is based on an animal or an object from the Pokemon world. If you’re using a Pokemon based on an animal, you’ll want to draw the eyes and fur of the animal in detail. If you’re creating a Pokemon that is based on an object, use your pencil to sketch in the basic shape of the object before drawing any details.

Some Pokemon characters have large eyes that look intimidating and scary, while others have smaller eyes that make them look whimsical and cute. For example, Pikachu has wide set eyes and a simple smile. Tangela has two simple eyes with pupils in the center of them.

You’ll also need to draw the body of the Pokemon. This can be a little tricky, so you might need to do some research on Pokemon anatomy before getting started.

For most Pokemon species, you’ll need to make the head a bit more complex than the body. You can either add a hat or you can just make it bigger. This will help the creature to look more like a real animal.

Depending on the Pokemon type, you can also choose to draw different colors or patterns. You’ll need to make sure that you don’t go too crazy with the color palette, but this can be fun.

Some of the most popular Pokemon have a very distinct design and are difficult to draw, so you may need to practice before attempting to draw them. Some of these include Dratini, which has triangular ears and a wide oversized eye.

Another one is Swalot, which is a sponge-like Pokemon with a leaf-like structure on its head. Its mouth has boldly imprinted lips and its tail is a bit longer than the rest of its body.

Then there’s Seedot, whose enormous eyes give it a very unique appearance that you’ll have to get right in order to draw well. The shells on the eggs are pretty simple, but it’s important to get the hat and other accessories correctly.

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