How to Embed a Youtube Video Into Powerpoint

How to Embed a Youtube Video Into Powerpoint

Are you struggling to embed a YouTube video into your PowerPoint presentation? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with a simple step-by-step guide that will have you showcasing your favorite videos in no time.

With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to captivate your audience and enhance your presentation with engaging multimedia. Say goodbye to boring slideshows and hello to dynamic content that will leave a lasting impression.

Let’s dive in and get started!

Selecting the Youtube Video for Embedding

You’ll need to find the perfect YouTube video for embedding into your PowerPoint presentation. Start by considering the topic of your presentation and the message you want to convey. Is there a specific video that aligns with your content?

Look for videos that are relevant, engaging, and visually appealing. Consider the length of the video as well; it should be concise and to the point. Take into account the audience’s preferences and interests, as this will help you select a video that captures their attention.

It’s also important to choose a video that is of high quality and has clear audio. Lastly, make sure you have permission to use the video and that it is not copyright protected.

Obtaining the Embed Code From Youtube

First, make sure to locate and copy the embed code provided by the YouTube platform. This code is essential for embedding the video into your PowerPoint presentation.

To obtain the embed code, go to the YouTube video you want to include and click on the Share button below the video. A pop-up window will appear with various sharing options. Look for the Embed option and click on it.

Another window will open, displaying the embed code. Simply copy this code by either right-clicking and selecting Copy or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C.

Once you have copied the code, you can proceed to insert it into your PowerPoint slide.

Inserting the Video Placeholder in Powerpoint

To add a video placeholder in PowerPoint, simply select the slide where you want to insert the video and click on the ‘Insert’ tab.

This will open a new set of options in the toolbar. Look for the ‘Media’ section and click on the ‘Video’ button.

A drop-down menu will appear, giving you the option to insert a video from your computer or online sources. Choose the desired option and select the video you want to insert.

Once selected, a placeholder will appear on the slide, indicating where the video will be displayed. You can resize and reposition the placeholder as needed.

This placeholder acts as a preview of the video and allows you to make adjustments before playing it during your presentation.

Pasting the Embed Code Into Powerpoint

After pasting the embed code, make sure to resize and reposition the placeholder as needed. This step is crucial to ensure that the YouTube video appears correctly on your PowerPoint slide.

To resize the placeholder, click on it and drag the corners until you reach the desired size. You can also adjust the position by clicking and dragging the placeholder to a different location on the slide.

By resizing and repositioning the placeholder, you can make sure that the video fits well within your slide layout and doesn’t overlap with any other content. Remember to preview the slide in slideshow mode to check if the video is properly displayed.

Taking the time to adjust the size and position of the placeholder will enhance the overall appearance of your presentation.

Adjusting the Video Settings in Powerpoint

Don’t forget to customize the video settings in PowerPoint to enhance the playback experience.

Once you have embedded a YouTube video into your presentation, it’s important to make a few adjustments to ensure that it plays smoothly and looks professional.

Start by selecting the video on your slide and then click on the ‘Playback’ tab in the toolbar. Here, you can choose to automatically start the video when the slide is displayed, or even have it loop continuously. You can also adjust the volume level and decide if you want the video to play in full screen mode.

Additionally, you have the option to hide the video controls or display them during playback.

Taking the time to customize these settings will greatly improve the overall impact of your video presentation.


So now you know how to embed a YouTube video into PowerPoint! By following these simple steps, you can enhance your presentations and engage your audience with dynamic multimedia content.

Remember to:

  • Select the appropriate video
  • Obtain the embed code from YouTube
  • Insert the video placeholder in PowerPoint
  • Paste the embed code into your slide

Don’t forget to adjust the video settings to fit your presentation needs. With these techniques, you’ll be able to create impactful and captivating presentations that leave a lasting impression.

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