How to Evolve Bisharp in Pokemon Violet

How to Evolve Bisharp in Pokemon Violet

Are you ready to take your Bisharp to the next level in Pokemon Violet?

Evolving your Pawniard into a formidable Bisharp is a crucial step in unleashing its true potential.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the evolution requirements and give you expert tips on training your Bisharp to become a force to be reckoned with.

So grab your Pokeballs and get ready to embark on an exciting journey to evolve your Bisharp!

Understanding Bisharp’s Evolution Requirements

To evolve Bisharp in Pokemon Violet, you’ll need to trade it while it’s holding a Metal Coat.

Bisharp, the formidable Dark/Steel type Pokemon, has a unique evolution requirement that sets it apart from other Pokemon. The Metal Coat is a special item that boosts the power of Steel-type moves and is necessary for Bisharp’s evolution. This means that simply leveling up or using other conventional methods won’t suffice.

To obtain a Metal Coat, you can find it in certain areas of the game or purchase it from specific shops. Once you have the Metal Coat, you’ll need to initiate a trade with another player or use the in-game trade feature to trade your Bisharp while it holds the Metal Coat.

After the trade is completed, your Bisharp will evolve into the fearsome and powerful Pokemon, Bisharp.

Obtaining a Pawniard in Pokemon Violet

You can find a Pawniard in the wild during your journey in Pokemon Violet. This Dark/Steel type Pokemon is known for its sharp blades and fierce nature.

To encounter a Pawniard, head to Route 9, where it can be found lurking in the tall grass. Keep in mind that the chances of encountering a Pawniard are relatively low, so be patient and persistent.

Once you spot one, engage in a battle and weaken it with your Pokemon’s attacks. Then, throw a Poke Ball to try and catch it. With a bit of luck, you’ll have a Pawniard on your team in no time.

Train it well, and it will evolve into the powerful Bisharp, ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

Leveling up Pawniard to Evolve Into Bisharp

By consistently battling and gaining experience, Pawniard will eventually reach the necessary level to undergo its transformation into a stronger form.

As you train and use Pawniard in battles, it will gain experience points that will gradually increase its level. With each level gained, Pawniard becomes stronger and more capable of taking on tougher opponents.

Make sure to give Pawniard plenty of opportunities to battle and earn experience points, whether it’s in wild encounters or through trainer battles. Additionally, using items like Rare Candies can instantly boost Pawniard’s level, allowing it to evolve faster.

Utilizing Bisharp’s Strengths in Battle

Maximize Bisharp’s potential in battle by strategizing its moves and taking advantage of its high attack stat.

Bisharp is a formidable Pokémon with a base attack stat of 125, making it a force to be reckoned with.

To fully utilize its strengths, consider teaching it moves like Iron Head, Knock Off, and Swords Dance.

Iron Head is a powerful Steel-type move that can deal heavy damage to Fairy, Ice, and Rock-types.

Knock Off is a Dark-type move that not only deals damage but also has the chance to remove the opponent’s held item, crippling their strategy.

Lastly, Swords Dance is a great move to boost Bisharp’s attack even further, allowing it to become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Combine these moves with Bisharp’s high attack stat, and you’ll have a Pokémon that can dominate any battle.

Tips and Strategies for Training Bisharp

To effectively train Bisharp, focus on increasing its speed stat through strategic training methods.

Bisharp is known for its impressive physical attack and defense stats, but its speed is relatively low. To overcome this weakness, incorporate speed-enhancing activities into your training regimen.

Take advantage of the Speed EV training by battling fast Pokémon like Electrode or Jolteon. Additionally, equip Bisharp with a Choice Scarf to further boost its speed during battles.

Utilize moves like Swords Dance to increase Bisharp’s attack power while also providing an opportunity for a speed boost. Consider teaching Bisharp the move Iron Head, as it not only deals damage but also has a chance to flinch the opponent.


In conclusion, evolving Bisharp in Pokemon Violet requires obtaining a Pawniard and leveling it up. Once evolved, Bisharp becomes a formidable Pokemon, known for its strength and skills in battle.

By utilizing Bisharp’s strengths and implementing effective training strategies, you can maximize its potential and dominate your opponents.

So, go out there, catch a Pawniard, and train it into a powerful Bisharp to become a true Pokemon master in Pokemon Violet!

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