How to Select the Best Call Center Headset

Whether your call center is physical or virtual, a high-quality headset is essential to improving customer service. With noise cancellation and a range of other features, headsets enable your team to focus on their work while staying comfortable. They also offer a professional appearance that customers can recognize and appreciate.

A headset’s microphone is a key feature that must be able to reduce background noise and pick up the sound of your employee’s voice. You should also consider whether you need noise-canceling or passive headsets, as well as the compatibility with your phone system and any other devices your employees use at work.

Comfort is an important factor to take into consideration when selecting a call center headset, as employees wear them for long periods of time during the day. Look for headsets with soft ear cushions and lightweight materials to minimize strain on the neck and ears. Some headsets are also designed to be more durable to withstand the daily rigors of a call center environment.

The Cisco 500-series headset is one of the best options for call centers thanks to its power noise cancelation feature, which reduces ambient noise and enhances your employee’s voice to promote clear communication. It comes in a variety of wireless and wired configurations so you can choose the best option for your workplace.

Another excellent choice is the Jabra Biz 2400 II, which comes with a USB connection and offers HD voice clarity and intuitive call controls. The noise-cancelling mic helps to lower background noise, and the Air Shock mic filters eliminate heavy breathers to ensure that you always have a clear sound. best call center headset

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