How to Use Crystal Pendants

A crystal pendant is a beautiful way to incorporate healing energy into your daily life. As natural energy emitters, these stones are in direct contact with your personal energy field and are able to enhance the positive aspects of your personality while clearing any negative energies that may be present.

Crystals have many properties that are thought to assist with various issues, and there are a variety of ways you can use your crystal pendant. For example, if you are looking for something to aid in relaxation, you could try a stone with a calming and soothing energy such as rose quartz or lepidolite. Alternatively, if you are looking for something to support emotional balance, a stone such as amethyst or smoky quartz would be ideal.

You can also use your crystal pendant to help you align and connect with your intentions and goals. For example, you might choose a piece that has energies associated with the desired outcome of a specific goal or intention, such as the Take Courage necklace that includes empowering Tiger’s Eye.

The best way to select a crystal pendant is to tune into your intuition. Allow the stone that feels right to you to call you, whether it’s tumbled or cut and polished, clear or coloured. Most crystal experts will agree on the general properties of each stone, but ultimately your intuition is the expert in this matter.

Once you have chosen your crystal pendant, place it on a chain or cord to wear it throughout the day. Take a few moments each day to connect with it and focus on its positive energies. This will help the pendant to work as your personal talisman. crystal pendants

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