HTC Touch 3G Review – Touch and Watch Youtube

If you have keep your eyes on HTC’s handset for the last couple of weeks, you will found that there are three Touch series handsets has been released gradually.We have already review two of them which are HTC Touch Viva and HTC Touch HD-one is a smartphone without 3G capability and the other one is full fledged portable media device. Now come to the turn for the HTC Touch 3G. Actually the HTC Touch series handset tend to offers the same popular features of the original HTC Touch with a few much appreciated add-ons. In the meantime also provides different handset for the different market. As we can see the Viva is aimed for low end WiMo market, the Touch HD for the more expensive market, and the Touch 3G obviously at the mid-range.


The Touch 3G looks very much like the Touch Viva. They both has the 2.8 inches TFT touchscreen with the resolution of240 x 320 pixels but Touch 3G is a little bit thinner and slimmer. As this is a Touch device physical buttons are in short supply, however you do have a 5 way D-Pad and phone send and end keys below the display. The top of the handset has a power button and you can also see the earpiece and the LED’s along with the stylus at the right corner. Also notice that there are a volume control on the left side and a mini-USB connector bottom. The single mini-USB port is for charging, syncing and connecting a wired headset. On the rear is a 3.2-megapixel camera. Overall the size of the device is very impressive and very pocketable.

Memory and Software

Again, the Touch 3G’s operating system is Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. Its running is a 528 MHz Qualcomm MSM7225 CPU and it also has 256 MB ROM and 192 MB RAM, we have nearly 80 MB free for running programs. For additional memory, it supports MicroSD expandable memory with a reader slot located under the battery cover.

The TouchFLO, known from Viva, is incredibly fast, we don’t have to wait a lot for programs to start up, scrolling is also fast, so I can say that it’s really okay. HTC have included various onscreen keyboard configurations, Phone Keypad, Compact QWERTY, Full QWERTY, and the usual Windows Mobile Transcriber, Block Recognisers etc. But you also can matching with third party keyboards like SPB Keyboard 4 improves on the HTC keyboard experience.

We have the usual set of software, besides the default Windows apps we have some other delicacies like Opera 9.5 web browser, Adobe Reader, an RSS reader, fast GPS positioning, ZIP and of course YouTube. The People, Messaging, Mail, Web, Camera, Music, Weather, Settings and Programs Tabs have all been seen on other devices but one new tab has appeared and that is the Maps Search. This tab gives you immediate access to Google Maps to search services etc, a nice new tab to use.


The musical part is the usual. There is no standard jack output, we plug the headset in the miniUSB-compatible HTC ExtUSB port, what a shame. The music player’s not bad, it looks cool, displays album covers and,it can be accessed from TouchFLO. It can filter tracks by ID3 tags, it supports playlists and it even has an equalizer, even though this works only if the headset is plugged in; I really can’t understand why. Sound quality is medium via the handsfree speaker, but we shouldn’t face it face up on a table as then barely any sound can be heard, weird. There’s a full music library system, shuffle, repeat and an audio booster to get better sound quality when your headset is plugged in.


The camera’s resolution is 3.2 megapixels, which is quite common to seen in the mid-range phone. Image quality is weak. The images produced by the 3 megapixel shooter struggled in low light and this particular handset seemed to give images a slightly washed-out feel. HTC seem got to work harder in their camera features. The camera application itself is easy to use and comes with a range of options including brightness, white balance, resolution, storage type, timer and capture type. while videos can be recorded in QVGA resolution.

Connectivity and GPS

Touch 3G performs very well in terms of data transfer. The GSM-module is quad-band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), but as you can tell from the model name, the handset supports 3G 7.2 Mbps HSDPA. The UMTS, EDGE and GPRS are for data transfer, and we have WiFi as a bonus, which supports 802.11b/g. That’s mean you can probably access to the internet with this Touch 3G in anywhere and anytime, whether is by high-speed 3G and WLan or the low speed of EDGE and GPRS.

The Touch 3G has a built-in GPS receiver and Assisted GPS (A-GPS) too. It work well with Google Maps pre-installed for navigation system. Like I mentions before, the Maps Search is operated based on this

system which can let you search the map for points of interest or locations.


Actually the HTC Touch 3G almost identical to Touch Viva. The 3G capability probably is the most significant differences for these two handset. Thus, if you wish to make a video call or watching YouTube by your handset, then HTC touch 3G is your choice. Also, the Touch 3G is most definitely the best alternative for the Touch HD for those who are not looking for such a powerful device with a WVGA screen. buy youtube favorites

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