Intranet – An Intranet is the Backbone of an Enterprise

A private network that a company uses to securely share information and computing resources. An Intranet software is similar to the Internet but can only be accessed by employees who have authorization. It can also host a number of internal applications that provide communication, collaboration and business processes for employees. In some cases, intranets can also be used by third parties who are given authorization.

Using World Wide Web software and networking protocols, an intranet can link to and display information stored on multiple computer systems in an enterprise. It can include an information repository, links to internal and external data sources, a system for communicating with employees, forms for collecting and storing information, and a database of employee usernames. It can also support a variety of communication tools, including email, instant messaging and videoconferencing.

An intranet can be hosted on a server within a corporate headquarters, or it can be provided through a service provider. Some companies, especially those that serve a large number of remote workers, choose to use cloud-based intranet software. These applications, called social intranets or employee experience platforms, operate more like consumer apps and are designed with a focus on engagement and user experience.

These newer intranet solutions can be a great way to improve productivity and create stronger relationships between colleagues. However, it is important to consider how well they work for your specific needs. For example, some platforms make it easy to track and encourage engagement by tracking activity or adding gamification elements. However, they are not always optimized for remote work, so it may be difficult to find and access the content you need.

Another challenge is to ensure that employees participate regularly on the intranet. A lack of participation can result in a sluggish flow of information. It can also lead to mental health problems, such as burnout and addiction, as well as polarization and the spread of disinformation. In addition, conversations on intranets and enterprise collaboration tools can sometimes veer off into non-work-related subjects, or they may contain offensive content.

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