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Isracard Ltd is an Israeli company that offers digital credit card payment solutions. The company serves customers in the FinTech, Financial Services industry segments. It operates Isracard, Europay, and Aminit.

Isracard is the first Israeli credit card company to support Apple Pay. It will give its customers a wireless sticker or a mobile credit card to attach to their cell phones and then use it for contactless payments at stores like Super-Pharm and Aroma cafes.

Isracard Credit Card

The Isracard Credit Card is a digital payment system that can be used to make purchases online and in-store. It has a mobile app and website that allows users to track their spending and payments. The Isracard credit card also offers cashback rewards and loyalty programs. The company also offers loans and other financial services. Its products are available at thousands of locations across Israel.

Isracard, which is a member of Bank Hapoalim, has been a leader in the Israeli credit card market since its founding in 1978. Isracard and its rivals, Leumi Card and Cal, have a dominant market share of around 50%.

In a deal that is expected to close in the second half of 2022, Isracard will purchase the international part of the Aminit group, which includes traveler’s cheques and its foreign cards business. EBN advised Isracard on the transaction, led by Doni Toledano and Shay Dayan of the M&A and Corporate practice, Nitzan Aberbach, Irina (Iris) Kushel and Alon Abramovich of the Capital Markets and Securities practice and Michal Rothschild, Miriam Kleinberger-Attar, Noa Bar-Shir Labor).

The Strum committee’s proposals for divesting Isracard and Leumi Card are not likely to be attractive to buyers, according to former Isracard CEO Dov Kotler. He said that the companies would be forced to pay high prices for the right to continue their businesses, which are highly profitable, and that starting a new credit card company from scratch is an unattractive option.

Isracard Mobile App

Isracard Mobile App is an application that allows you to use your credit card anywhere and anytime. You can download the application for your Android or iOS smartphone, and use it to make payments at any point of sale. The app also allows you to report a lost or stolen card and update personal information. You can even request to increase your credit facility on the app without having to call a representative.

The company announced that in the next few months it would issue to tens of thousands of customers a technologically advanced wireless credit card, or sticker, that attaches to their cell phone. They will then be able to make payments by placing the sticker or their cell phone next to a Mastercard contactless device. The pilot is currently taking place at Super-Pharm stores and Aroma cafes across Israel.

The app is designed to provide security and transparency for condominiums and helps to cut costs significantly. It saves time and money by allowing homeowners to pay using their credit cards, gives total transparency of financial management in the building, collects all expenses through a single channel, assists in the preparation of balance sheets and financial statements, and provides shared decision-making through immediate feedback. It also allows committee members to communicate and share professional advice with other home committees.

Isracard App for Android

If you’re a bank customer with an Isracard credit card, you can now use your cell phone to make payments at a point of sale. This is the first time that a major Israeli credit card company has launched this type of payment solution for mobile phones. The service uses a chip in the phone that can be read by a scanner at the point of sale.

The company said the technology is based on MasterCard’s contactless system. It will be offered to Isracard customers who hold a Mastercard credit card and have a smartphone with the Android operating system. The system will initially be available at Super-Pharm stores and Aroma cafes. In the future, it will be expanded to other locations in Israel.

Isracard PAYware is the second tier in Isracard’s advanced mobile payment services, which also include its Rav-Pass by HopOn app and a mobile payment option called ANYWAY, which is integrated with the Moovit transportation app. The ANYWAY app will enable passengers to use their smartphones to pay for rides, and the company expects it will increase its market share.

The Isracard app is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play store on your Android device. Once you’ve found the application, tap on the Install button to begin the download process. After the app has downloaded, a pop-up window will show you the permissions required to use it.

Isracard App for iOS

Isracard is one of the leading credit card companies in Israel. According to a recent report from Ynet, the company will soon support Apple Pay. This service will allow customers to make contactless payments at stores, in apps, and on the web using their iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The feature will also be available on Mac computers.

The app was designed to simplify the process for users. It features a multi-step layout and content structure that makes it easier for users to navigate. Additionally, the app uses a consistent theme to ensure that users receive a seamless experience. In addition, the app includes a variety of features that make it easy to manage payments and track transactions.

The Isracard app works with any major bank account in the country. It allows users to check their balance and transaction history, as well as view their pending payments. It also lets them set up a reminder to pay their bills on time. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free.

Isracard is a credit card company based in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel. The company offers a range of services, including discounting and clearing various branded credit cards. Its subsidiaries include Europay Ltd, Aminit LTD, and American Express Israel. The company is a publicly traded entity and is listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. ישראכרט טלפון

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