Key Features of the Cyprus IVF Hospital

The Cyprus IVF Hospital focuses on high transparency and aims to make it affordable for couples who want the best results in their fertility journey. The process starts with an examination of the couple’s infertility issues so that the experts can suggest the most appropriate treatment process. This includes several tests with ultrasound and blood work. The sperm health and the egg health are also confirmed during this process. The cost of these tests is included in the IVF process.

For couples that wish to use donor eggs or sperm, the clinic offers both IUI (intrauterine insemination) and artificial insemination with donor sperm (AID). Donors are strictly anonymous and the clinic has a large pool of available donors.

Donor egg and sperm donations in North Cyprus are highly affordable in comparison to European standards. In addition, donors are screened for infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B and C, HIV, syphilis, and rubella. A karyotyping test is also carried out to ensure the donor’s chromosomes are normal.

Another key feature of the Cypriot IVF clinic is its commitment to addressing gender-specific genetic disorders. This is accomplished by using gender selection IVF, a revolutionary new technique that allows couples to choose the gender of their future baby. In this way, the clinic helps couples balance family dynamics and plan their families according to their preferences. Moreover, the procedure can also help prevent certain genetic disorders that are gender-specific from passing on to the child. ivf cyprus

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