Kiddush Cup

A kiddush cup is a special goblet that is used for the blessing of wine before Shabbat and Jewish holidays. It is traditionally made of silver and decorated with grapes to represent the wine. It is often an heirloom passed down from generation to generation and given as a present at Bar Mitzvah for boys or Bat Mitzvah for girls. Having a beautiful kiddush cup to use on the Sabbath is a lovely way to welcome your family and guests into your home.

A cup used for kiddush must be in perfect condition. It can either be stemmed or stemless, but it must be able to hold at least a revi’it of wine or grape juice. A kiddush cup can be crafted from silver, glass or ceramics. It is also possible to make a kiddush cup out of olive wood, which is a popular choice in Israel.

Kiddush cups are often adorned with beautiful images to honor the holidays and the Bible. Many are engraved with the Hebrew wine blessing, boray pree hagafen. It is also common to have people’s names and other texts engraved on a kiddush cup. Some are also decorated with birds and animals to symbolize the bounty of nature.

Some families like to have two or more kiddush cups so that they can pour some wine from the kiddush cup into regular drinking glasses for everyone to drink. There are some poskim (Jewish legal scholars) who say that sharing the same kiddush cup can be unsanitary. kiddush cup

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