Launching an Employee Communication App

Keep on-the-go employees in the know with a mobile employee communications app. Employee communication apps enable frontline workers to access key company information through branded, easy-to-use content. They offer easy audience segmentation and AI-enabled insights.

An employee communication tool is a must-have for organizations that need to improve their internal communications. It helps to streamline teamwork and encourage collaboration.


The success of an employee communication app depends largely on how it is launched. It is best to involve management right from the start of the project. If they are part of the process, they are far more likely to support the tool and drive adoption throughout the organization. Clearly demonstrating the app’s benefits will also make it easier to get them on board.

Staffbase is a company-wide platform for mobile-first internal communications. Its mobile intranet solutions enable companies to build and manage content like corporate news, forms, documents, and calendars through a simple user interface. The platform is available on desktop, laptop, and smartphone devices.

The platform provides real-time and schedulable push notifications and allows administrators to prioritize important posts. It also features an instant messaging feature that allows employees to communicate with one another. This option is ideal for sharing company updates or addressing immediate concerns. Its advanced features help users collaborate and focus on their tasks.


Beekeeper is a team communication app that allows frontline workers to be connected to each other. It has an intuitive user interface and is easy to use, plus it has lots of features that can help automate and streamline workflows. This includes campaigns and confirmations, employee surveys, digital signage, full support, and topic analytics.

The company has many big-name customers, including hotel giant Hilton and food corporation Cargill. They all use the software to connect their mobile workforces and improve productivity. This includes filling shifts faster, allowing employees to swap shifts if needed, and reducing absenteeism. It also allows employees to access 3rd party payroll systems and receive notifications, updates, and alerts.

Founded in 2012, Beekeeper is a rapidly growing Swiss technology company that builds a comprehensive operational communications platform for frontline employees. Its platform is used by companies in over 130 countries. Its software connects distributed teams across every shift, location, and language. Its dedicated streams deliver important operational information and real-time messaging keeps everyone informed.


Haiilo (formerly Smarp) helps employees become your biggest brand ambassadors by sharing company content online. The platform allows you to create a knowledge base, communication channel and news feed and can be customized by language, location, department, and more.

This employee advocacy and amplification software is a good choice for companies that need to increase engagement, strengthen corporate culture and establish cross-cutting communication. It also offers a centralized social intranet and scalable multichannel communications, as well as gamified employee advocacy and engagement surveys.

One thing that differentiates Haiilo from other employee communication apps is its email feature. This feature allows you to send employees a digest of new content that has been uploaded to the internal feed, so they never miss anything important.

The app is easy to use and has a variety of integrations, including Slack and Microsoft Teams. It also has a rewards program that can help you motivate your team to participate. For example, if an employee posts content, they can earn points that are redeemable for prizes such as swag or days off.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a messaging chat-based collaboration tool with threaded conversations and the ability to elevate a text conversation to a voice or video call. It can also be used to create and collaborate on Office documents. It is tightly integrated with other Microsoft 365 apps and can be run on desktop or mobile.

Like Slack, Teams supports both group and one-on-one messaging with a built-in emojis and GIFs feature. Users can also create private channels within a team and share files with specific groups or individuals.

The free version of Teams includes unlimited text chat, search, group and one-on-one video calling, 2GB of storage per person and web access to Office applications. A business-grade calling plan is available for those needing more features.

Businesses looking to increase productivity and collaborate with their employees in real-time should consider Microsoft Teams as an employee communication platform. Get in touch with Microbyte to learn more about how Teams can help your organization.

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