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The lawyers of the golden visa lawyer Spain work in a specialized area of ​​human rights and real estate. Place your orders now and they will contact you to advise you and help you obtain your residence permit according to your requirements.

The Golden Visa has been a great success for the Spanish real estate sector and also for European society, ensuring a significant increase in investment. In general, the visa allows you to reside and work throughout Spain, including establishing a business in the real estate market or even starting an independent business.

In the case of properties, the objective is that you prove the intention and the acquisition. For this, documents such as preliminary purchase contracts, payment receipts and officially closing the judicial property registration can be presented. In the case of investments in shares of Spanish companies or government bonds, you can also submit registration certificates of ownership and charges and the appropriate dissemination of the tasks.

However, the investments made to obtain the Golden Visa have specific requirements for each type of investment. And the same requirements also apply to investments in labor and engineering. You can enter his house and work with an entrepreneur with added resources, but only when you guarantee an average value of seven million euros at that time.

As well as the purchase and concession of your property, these investments are subject to strict surveillance and regulation by the Spanish Immigration Service.

Can I travel to other countries in Europe?

From the moment you grant yourself a residence permit in Europe, you can travel to any of the 26 Schengen countries as you wish. It is possible to work and study, as well as be in contact with other professionals and families in Spain and throughout Europe.

Can it be a family?

If you grant yourself your residence permit in Spain, your family can also enter secondary schools and work at a professional level.

The goal of the program is for your family to serve your city and grow.

Although there are several options to obtain immigration citizenship in Europe, it is always better to have an immigration lawyer from your city by your side.

At Strong Abogados, we have experience and certifications and I speak on all aspects of immigration citizenship. We are a firm specialized in both real estate and immigration law.

Since 2003, Strong Abogados has completed 500 legal transactions and has helped 350 families obtain immigration citizenship. abogado golden visa españa

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