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Lawyer Hattingen is one of Germany’s leading law firms. It offers comprehensive legal advice on national and international business matters including mergers, acquisitions, private equity investments, financing projects, restructuring, labour law and dispute resolution. Its attorneys are renowned for their excellent judgment and strong business acumen.

The village of Hattingen lies above the Ruhr-ford. Its name probably derives from the Germanic tribe called Hattuarians. They settled here in Neolithic times.

During the Reformation Hattingen is heavily fortified with stone walls, defensive towers and five city gates. Three guilds are established and the drapers gain great fame.

Count Henrich zu Stolberg-Wernigerode buys 76 Morgens of land from Bruch-Manor in Welper and establishes the “Henrichshutte”. From this point on, steel production in Hattingen becomes successful.

A dynasty of powerful mayors governs the municipality until 1918. The “Hattingen-Land” is integrated into the district Bochum and subsequently into the Prussian province of Westphalia.

During WW2, over 5674 houses are destroyed and 3681 severely damaged in Hattingen. 174 inhabitants were killed.

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Rechtsanwalt Lars Martin is your attorney for commercial and labour relations issues. He is experienced in corporate law, real estate and inheritance law and advises national and international companies. In addition, he has a broad knowledge of the laws governing pensions and social security. He also advises in the areas of civil law and criminal law. He is a member of the German Lawyers’ Union and is a certified specialist in labour relations law. He is also a mediator for the Ruhr-Munich Arbitration Centre and is certified as a dispute settler with the German Employment Courts. He represents his clients in both litigation and arbitration cases. He is also a certified specialist in family law and is a member of the German Family Lawyers’ Association. He is also a certified arbitrator for the German Employment Courts and the German Employment Supervisory Board. He advises his clients in the areas of employment law and civil rights. Rechtsanwalt Hattingen

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