Luxury Reserve Residences in DeLand, Florida

The resort is set among a pristine sand beach and the unique flora of the region overlooking the Aegean Sea. Guests can enjoy the luxury of the 5-star Barbaros Spa to relax and rejuvenate as well as first class maintenance services.

Sprawling hills and lush avocado groves form a picturesque backdrop to the community and provide stunning vistas. Residents can take advantage of the natural setting by enjoying a 1.3 mile walking trail, resort style pool and state-of-the-art fitness center.

A tucked-away feeling fosters peace and neighborliness, but only for those who choose to make this exclusive neighborhood their home. Its privileged location is just 10 minutes from downtown DeLand, where you can experience college sports and entertainment, upscale shopping and dining.

Overcrowded housing contributes to social issues, such as poorer health outcomes and lower education achievement rates in Aboriginal children. Houses built on reserve are often not designed with the Aboriginal family in mind, and may be poorly constructed, creating a less than ideal living environment.

In the 1960s, what is now Indian and Northern Affairs Canada implemented a program that provided subsidies to help reserve communities build houses. However, these programs did not result in long-term broad improvements in housing conditions on reserves, as reflected by the evaluation findings. In the future, INAC should shift its approach to on-reserve housing to better support sustainable community development. It should offer more flexible and longer-term funding, with a focus on community needs, rather than simply on providing a set of prescriptive building guidelines to guide developers. reserve residences

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