Men’s Underwear

Men’s underwear is a very personal garment. It is pressed close to the skin and is simultaneously seen and unseen, and for many men, it is the most important part of their underwear they wear.

Historically, men’s underwear was designed to be a private, intimate garment, kept hidden from others and not displayed. Today, however, it is a highly visible and public garment through the fashion industry and popular visual culture.

In the modern world, there are a wide range of underwear styles available for men to choose from. From briefs to trunks, boxers to thongs, the choice can be dizzying. It makes sense to choose a style that suits your activity, body type and outerwear. Tighter fitting and clingy underwear might be more suitable for running at the gym, while something looser may be more comfortable for long hours spent sitting in the office.

Most men will agree that their underwear should feel soft. This is why the best men’s underwear is made from cotton with long fibres, such as Pima or Supima. Often, there is also an elastic component in the fabric of men’s underwear to give it a better fit and comfort. Some men prefer to buy 100% cotton underwear, while others like the comfort of a blend that includes elastane or microfiber. For example, the Joe Boxer brand of underwear is made with a microfiber-elastane mix that provides both support and comfort. Many men also like to choose underwear that has a gusset. men’s bamboo underwear

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