Mould Specialist – What They Do and How They Do It

Moisture is the key element for mould growth, which can be caused by both major and minor roof leaks, water condensation in bathrooms after long showers, failing grout or caulking in bathroom furniture, broken seals on toilets, overflowing sinks, steam from cooking and washing machines and poor ventilation in general. Mould spores thrive in damp conditions and once the moisture is removed they are usually killed, but if they remain in the atmosphere they will continue to grow.

Inhaling mould spores can trigger allergies in healthy people and exacerbate symptoms in vulnerable individuals, including children, the elderly, asthma sufferers and those with pre-existing respiratory conditions. In some cases the effects can be much more serious.

Mould spores are found in all climates, but are most common in areas that are warm and dark. It is unable to survive in direct sunlight as UV rays kill its cellular structure. Similarly, it cannot exist in very cold temperatures as freezing causes it to become dormant and heat damages its cellular structure.

A professional mould specialist will conduct a thorough inspection to identify the source of the problem and suggest remedial actions. If the moisture is due to a leaky roof, they may recommend waterproofing and underfloor insulation. In bathrooms, they might reseal the bath and shower cubicle, remove and replace tiling, fit new toilets or shower screens. They will also clean surfaces using a special mould wash concentrate, killing the mould spores and providing a long-lasting protective coating. mould specialist london

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