Mushroom Grow Kits

Growing your own mushrooms is a fun and rewarding project that’s perfect for the home. Mushroom grow kits simplify the process by providing the proper environment and ingredients for a bountiful harvest. They usually consist of a monotub and pre-sterilized grain spawn, a substrate block, and other elements that eliminate the need for a separate grow room. Depending on the species, some will require more humidity or a specific low-light environment, but all kits come with detailed instructions on how to take care of them.

A few of the brands we found to have high-quality mushroom kits include Smallhold and North Spore, both of which feature kits for growing lion’s mane and pink oyster mushrooms. The North Spore kit, for example, comes with a sawdust block that’s already colonized by mushroom mycelium and includes a spray bottle for misting twice a day. All you have to do is place it in a humid but well-aerated space out of direct sunlight and wait.

Other brands, such as Boomr Bin, also make grow kits with a variety of psychedelic species that are ideal for microdosing. These can help you find what dosage is best for you and help you get started on your journey to enlightenment. The brand also has a #GrowOneGiveOne campaign that donates one of its kits to a classroom of your choice when you share a picture of your harvest with the hashtag. The best mushroom grow kits are easy to use, affordable, and produce a good yield.

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