No Smoking Regulations Prevent Fires Saving Lives

Governments all around the world have woken up to the need to have strict anti-smoking legislation. Relentless publicity and awareness campaigns undertaken by the media and public health and safety bodies have made people more conscious of the hazards of smoking. Apart from impairing health, smoking and tobacco products were found to be the leading cause of fire outbreaks in public buildings and facilities that have more often than not resulted in inestimable loss of life and property.

How smoking leads to fire outbursts

Smoking materials like lighted matchsticks, live cigarette butts, and smouldering ash are some of the major ignition elements that start fires in commercial and residential buildings and structures. More often than not, such fires have ended up destroying costly property and stock as well as leading to the death of individuals especially children and older people.

The effectiveness of preventive measures and no smoking regulations

Smoking health risks, fire injuries and deaths have compelled governments and public health authorities to introduce strict building codes and the enforcement of anti smoking statutes.

Most countries now have stringent legislation in place. It is now mandatory to put up no smoking signs in all prominent areas in any public building or work place.

Public libraries, museums, shopping malls, market complexes, bars, restaurants, hotels, and all other public utilities are required to put up such signs.

Public buildings and work places are also installed with fire safety systems and equipment like fire extinguishers, water sprinklers, smoke and fire alarm devices, emergency lights, fire pumps, smoke screens, and fire hydrants. Almost all offices and corporate entities have adopted anti smoking policies that have discouraged smokers from lighting up in or on office premises.

There are in most workplaces sessions regularly held to instruct and educate employees on the ill effects of smoking. Employees also like working in an establishment where the employer has an effective no smoking plan in place.

The hi-tech fire prevention equipment like water sprinklers and smoke detection alarms that can instantly pick up fire signals can be seen in prominent areas in all public buildings like corridors, hallways, foyers and lounges.

The digital smoke and fire alarm systems installed in high rises and skyscrapers allow fire fighters and the fire brigade to control fire fighting operations on several floors simultaneously.

These alarm systems have control panels that allow for the overseeing the entire network of fire safety system in a building. Moreover, cigarettes and butane lighters are now produced keeping safety regulation in mind. High pressure fire pump

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