Nusa Penida Tour – The Best Beaches in Nusa Penida

Experience a couple of the best spots in Nusa Penida with this tour. You’ll see a gorgeous ‘T-Rex’ shaped peninsula and cliffs with crystal clear water below, and there’s also a small beach where you can swim.

Explore the craggy cliffs and sandy beaches of East Nusa Penida on this day trip. Snap pictures at the famous Kelingking ‘T-Rex’ Beach, visit a tree house and stroll around the Thousand Island Viewpoint.

Kelingking ‘T-Rex’

The spectacular Kelingking cliffs, nicknamed the T-Rex beach due to its unique shape that resembles a Tyrannosaurus Rex with its jaws open, are a Nusa Penida highlight. The unique rock formation overlooking a white sand beach and deep blue waters has become one of the most iconic images of Bali, and you can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing epic pictures of this natural wonder.

The hike down to the beach can be tricky as the path is rocky, slippery and sometimes treacherous. However, it is well worth the effort! One tip to remember is to always keep a hand on the railings because some of them are old and not secured very well anymore.

To avoid the crowds, try to visit Kelingking Beach before sunrise or after sunset. It will be much more peaceful and you’ll have the chance to take beautiful photos. If you’re going with an organized tour, make sure to ask them for advice about visiting this spot during the best time of day.

Kelingking beach is a popular destination for tours of Nusa Penida, but you can also visit it on your own by renting a scooter from Toyapakeh. Be aware of the rough sea conditions and strong currents, though! It’s best to stick with a boat tour if you want to swim in the water.

Broken Beach

Broken Beach is a stunning cove with a natural rock archway. It is one of the most beautiful spots on Nusa Penida and it looks like a corner of paradise. The milky blue water and the rock arches are simply stunning. It is a great spot to visit with your camera and drone.

This is also a good place to admire Manta Rays. The rocks are filled with seawater and they are a popular hangout for the manta rays. The cove has a natural infinity pool, which is perfect for swimming during low tide. However, there are no safety rails, so make sure you don’t get too close to the edge.

There is also a warung here where you can buy snacks and drinks. The best time to visit is early in the morning. This way, you will avoid the crowds. Also, you will have more light to take photos.

There are a few ways to get to Broken Beach on Nusa Penida. You can rent a motorbike and drive yourself or you can join a tour. Tours are much cheaper and they include boat tickets from Bali, transport on Nusa Penida, and an English-speaking guide. Make sure to book your trip early, as the seats fill up quickly!

Angel’s Billabong

Located right next door to Kelingking, Angel’s Billabong is Nusa Penida’s most famous attraction. This natural tidal pool looks like something out of a movie and is the perfect place to take a swim, enjoy the view, and snap some Instagram-worthy photos. However, as beautiful as it may look, this spot is actually quite dangerous. In fact, one viral video shows a montage of swimmers in calm waters that suddenly cuts to frantic footage of them being swept away by crashing waves.

To avoid this, it is important to visit this attraction during low tide and only when conditions are safe. It is also advisable to stay well clear of the water’s edge and never enter the pool without a guide or lifeguard present. It is also important to note that there are no railings at this location, so be careful not to get too close to the edge of the cliff.

If you’re planning to visit Kelingking and Angel’s Billabong on your nusa penida tour make sure you book the correct fast boat. The best option is to go with Mola-Mola or Maruti Express, both of which offer tickets at the Nusa Penida ticket counter. The trip will last about 45 minutes and return you to Bali between 2:30 and 5 PM. The price for this trip is about USD $100.

Diamond Beach

If you’re interested in seeing a different side of Nusa Penida, try taking this tour. This private tour is a great way to see the island in style, and it includes a beachside lunch and door-to-door transportation from your hotel. Click here to book it.

This east-side tour will take you to Kelingking ’T-Rex’ Beach, Broken Beach, Angel’s Billabong, and Diamond Beach. This tour also includes a visit to a natural pool picturesquely framed by rock cliffs. It’s also a good choice for snorkelers, who can swim with manta rays in Crystal Bay during the season.

Another popular spot on this side of the island is Rumah Pohon Molenteng, or “Tree House Molenteng.” These tiny houses are built into the trees high above Diamond Beach. They’ve become famous on social media, and hundreds of Instagrammers descend on this viewpoint daily to get the perfect photo. You can sleep in one of these tree houses if you plan ahead, but they book up months in advance.

It’s worth noting that while violent crime is virtually nonexistent on this part of Bali, you should still take normal precautions. Visitors should be respectful of the local culture and religion, and they should also be aware that hiking these steep cliffs can be dangerous. In general, however, the locals are very kind and hospitable.

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