Oil Mist Collector

An oil mist collector is an industrial filtration device that traps and filters airborne coolant and machining oil droplets, ensuring clean, breathable working conditions. These systems are essential for industrial applications such as CNC machining and metalworking because they help protect workers from breathing in these harmful chemicals, which can lead to skin irritation, respiratory problems, and damage to machinery and products.

These air purifiers remove airborne contaminants through a multi-stage filtration process. As the contaminated air is drawn into the machine, it passes through an initial stainless-steel woven mesh filter. This can prevent iron chips and other impurities from disrupting the operation of the air purifier or contaminating the next stage of filtration. The air is then drawn into the system through a fan that creates a cyclonic effect to increase the efficiency of the oil mist collection process. The incoming air can then pass through an initial stage of a three-layered pre-filtration cartridge that eliminates solid particulates, entrains bulk liquids, and agglomerates finer oil mist particles into larger ones for more efficient capture.

The remaining air is then drawn through an oblong-shaped, washable oil mist separator cartridge. This is a high-efficiency filter that separates most of the oil mist into an oil drain tray, with the remainder falling into a stainless-steel hopper. This filter can be rinsed and reused to reduce maintenance costs and disposal expenses.

The final stage of filtration in an oil mist collector is typically an electrostatic precipitator that operates on the principle of static electricity. It can also be used in conjunction with a vacuum or blower to collect mist and smoke. It charges any conductive particles with positive electric charges and then attracts them like a magnet to the filters, where they are held until they can be released into the disposed of.

To ensure optimal performance of your machine, look for units with features that provide maximum versatility and efficiency. These include a multi-stage filtration process, integrated cleaning, noise reduction, and a compact design that can be installed on top of the machine. Also, check for power specifications and maintenance intervals to determine if the unit will meet your operational needs.

To get the best results from your machine, consider purchasing a unit with an oil mist separator cartridge that offers long filter lives and easy maintenance. Then, choose an HEPA or activated carbon filter that can achieve efficiencies of 99.9 percent or higher on particulates 0.3 microns and above. If you aren’t sure which kind of separator and filter is right for your application, consult an expert. They can assist you in finding a solution that will provide the most value and benefit to your company. They can even provide a custom quote for your project.

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