One Bernam – Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Hydrological Flows in the Bernam River Basin

One bernam means everything you need is within your reach. You have supreme connectivity in the city centre and vibrant lifestyle offerings at your fingertips, allowing you to live a life that is truly awe-inspiring.

Bernam is a name that brings warmth and serenity to the people who bear it. They have a strong connection with the home, and work hard to make their loved ones feel safe and secure. Although they are very family-oriented, they do not let their personal goals overshadow those of the people they love. They are also very competitive, and their desire to achieve success is unquenchable.

The present study assesses the impact of climate change on hydrological flows in the Bernam River Basin, where paddy irrigation is a common practice. The streamflows in this basin are high during the wet season and decline rapidly during the dry season, resulting in water shortages and rationing during these periods. It is crucial to consider future changes in the rainfall and temperature patterns due to climate change when allocating water resources to rice farmers.

The study utilizes the SUWATER software package to simulate hydrological sequences for the Bernam River basin. Historical gridded rainfall and temperature data were used to set up the SWAT model, which was calibrated using the method of least squares (MLS). Sensitivity analysis is performed to identify the parameters that are influential in the Bernam streamflow. These parameters were then used to force the SWAT simulation, and the results are compared with the observations. one bernam

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