Online Webcams

Online webcams enable one-to-one live video chat over the internet. Often integrated into instant messaging and text chat programs, the quality of such cameras has improved over time, allowing them to encroach on traditional videoconferencing systems. Furthermore, software tools in wide use permit real-time enhancements (retouching, wrinkle smoothing and vertical stretch) and automatic face tracking. This has enhanced user experience and made online chats much more popular.

The most basic of webcams feature a camera sensor and supporting electronics, which convert the image into digital data. The support electronics then transmit the data over a USB interface to a host computer. Some models include built-in microphones for audio communication. Webcams can vary in field of view and resolution. Resolution is the number of pixels a webcam can display, with higher numbers indicating greater detail. The most common resolution today is 1920×1080, also referred to as HD.

Streaming webcams are commonly used for videoconferencing, allowing remote or at home employees to participate in company meetings and enabling students to attend online lectures. Webcams are also used in the tourist industry to provide an interactive virtual tour of a hotel or other establishment. Businesses may also use webcams for surveillance and security purposes, allowing them to monitor a location 24-hours a day.

Webcams are now embedded in many laptops and tablets, as well as in some desktop computers. This allows people to easily video chat with friends and family. However, these devices can be abused by cybercriminals to spy on a person and steal their personal information, so it is important to protect your webcams with the right software. online webcams

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