Orthodontic Treatment at Woodland Hills Dental Clinic

A misaligned smile can affect your self-esteem and your teeth. Crooked and crowded teeth can cause problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, early enamel wear, and TMJ pain. Orthodontic treatment at our office can address these issues and give you a healthier, more beautiful smile.

In addition to traditional metal braces, our clinic offers clear orthodontic appliances that are much less noticeable. These appliances include the Invisalign clear aligner system and ceramic braces. Our orthodontists can recommend the best options to meet your needs.

While traditional metal braces are still an excellent choice for straightening a crooked smile, they can be distracting and unfavorable in some professional settings. If you are an adult who is considering a new career or would like to be able to smile more confidently, orthodontic treatment may be a good option for you.

The first week of wearing your new braces will be the most uncomfortable. However, over-the-counter medication such as ibuprofen can help alleviate discomfort. You will also need to come in for regular visits to our office every 4-6 weeks so that the orthodontist can adjust your wires and brackets as needed.

If you have severely misaligned teeth, you may need to undergo orthodontic surgery in conjunction with your braces treatment. This procedure can correct the bite and position your jaws more evenly. Orthognathic surgery is typically only recommended for adults, since children’s mouths are still growing and may not respond well to treatment. Braces Woodland Hills

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