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Real estate videography is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to showcase properties. Homebuyers are drawn to immersive experiences that connect them emotionally with listings, resulting in faster decision-making.

The man accused of kidnapping and murdering missing Christchurch real estate agent Yanfei Bao has made his second court appearance. Tingjun Cao, 52, from Bryndwr, pleaded not guilty to both charges. He is due to appear again on November 10.Brooksfield PropertiesBrookfield Properties is one of the world’s largest commercial real estate companies. They operate office, retail, and industrial properties in many of the world’s leading markets. They are also a leader in sustainability.One of their biggest achievements has been their work to reduce carbon emissions. They have made a commitment to net zero carbon by 2050. They are achieving this by sourcing 100% of their electricity from renewable sources. They are also ensuring that they are buying from local power providers. This helps to support local economies and also provides a stronger link between the source of energy and the consumer.The company has a number of projects underway in Christchurch. They are building unique, English heritage-style townhouses that stand out from the rest of the market. These properties are popular with owner-occupiers who want something different. They are also a good choice for investors who are willing to pay more for a unique property.However, it is important to remember that unique doesn’t always mean valuable. According to Venture Management, a Brookfield property does not necessarily command higher rent than other developers’ properties. In fact, they can sometimes have lower cashflow. That’s why it is important to assess each property on a case-by-case basis.Brooksfield DevelopersBrooksfield has a reputation for designing and building townhouses that stand out from the rest. They often take inspiration from cities like New York and London, and their designs are different to the typical Christchurch townhouses. They are a good fit for investors who are willing to pay more for unique properties. However, they aren’t always a great fit for owner-occupiers.Vincent Holloway and Oliver Hickman are the founders of Brooksfield, a construction company that specializes in heritage-style homes. They began by repairing and rebuilding Christchurch houses after the quake, but have rapidly expanded their business since then. They have 500 homes either completed or in construction, and employ 18 people.Their distinctive look is inspired by English Georgian and colonial workers’ cottages, and features symmetrical designs, weatherboard and brick exteriors, pastel colours, period detailing and lightweight fake chimneys. They also use uPVC windows, which are much more energy efficient than traditional wood-framed units.One of their most popular developments is the Greystones housing development at the corner of Glandovey and Idris roads in Fendalton. They purchased the quake-damaged historic homestead there last year, and have plans to build 15 townhouses. The homes will be priced at up to $1.3 million. The developer has even hired renowned British architect Ben Pentreath, who has designed for King Charles and the Duchy of Cornwall.Brooksfield TownhousesBrooksfield is a developer of townhouses in Christchurch. Their homes are designed with style and character in mind. They often take inspiration from cities like New York or London, and the result is unique. They are popular with buyers who want something different from the standard modern new build homes that are being put up around the country.The company started out with small developments of two and three-bedroom houses but has since expanded to larger family homes. They now have a variety of designs, including heritage-inspired townhouses. They use a range of building materials, including brick and weatherboards. They also incorporate period detailing and features, such as decorative grilles on the windows.They have had some success selling their homes, but the market is slowing down and they are reducing the number of new homes they are building. They have also decided to focus on smaller developments with fewer homes. They have a lot of experience in developing homes, and their designers have lots of experience working with the city council.One of their most recent projects is the Greystones housing development in Fendalton. It was built on the site of a historic homestead that was quake-damaged. The company has plans to replace the old house with 15 townhouses. They will feature a ground and mezzanine floors, plus lounge areas and kitchens.Brooksfield Floor PlansBrooksfield has become known for its heritage-style homes around Christchurch. Its director Vinny Holloway has been pushing into dearer neighbourhoods, but the company faces a tougher challenge because buyers are more particular about their properties.The Brooksfield team has tried to stand out from the crowd of developers by offering more unique features. For example, their homes are designed with a hallway between the lounge and kitchen-dining area, which is typical of London houses. It’s a feature that most other new-build developers don’t offer, but it makes the properties more appealing to buyers.Another Brooksfield feature is decorative grilles between the windows. This adds a heritage touch without the hassle of cleaning up smudges. The company also uses uPVC double glazing, which is more energy-efficient than traditional glass. This is a welcome change from the dark and dreary townhouses that are popping up all over Christchurch.The latest development by Brooksfield is a 2-bedroom townhouse in Central Christchurch, which sells for $650,000. Opes recommends this as a good investment, but the price is higher than other developer projects in the same area. This is because Brooksfield is a new company and they’re building their brand. As they become more established, their prices will rise. However, the unique designs and features are worth the extra cost for many buyers.

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