Real Estate Videography

Real estate videography Christchurch drones and 2D floor plans for homes, commercial properties and airbnbs. Prices and packages include photography, premium editing and digital file supply.

The February earthquake caused widespread damage to buildings and displaced many people. The severe shaking and liquefaction resulting from the quake led to the collapse of some older unreinforced brick and masonry buildings, particularly in Lyttelton and Christchurch.

Property Video Tours

When it comes to real estate, property video tours are a great way to show off a house. However, it’s important to have the right equipment to make a quality video. A good camera with a wide-angle lens is a must. Also, you will need a tripod to ensure stability. Finally, it’s important to have a set of tools for controlled camera movement such as a pan-and-tilt gimbal or a Steadicam.

A property tour video consists of a tour of the entire house from different angles. It can include shots of the exterior, interior, and any other features that may be relevant. This type of real estate videography is a must for any agent who wants to stand out from their competition and get more leads.

This type of video focuses on the benefits of the property and what makes it unique. It is a perfect way to communicate the value of the property and drive traffic to the listing. It is important to keep the videos short and compelling to capture the attention of your audience.

Another type of real estate videography is the advice video. These videos are often a compilation of short testimonials from past clients. They can also include information about the area in which the property is located, as well as a list of amenities and local attractions.

Property Video Walkthroughs

When real estate video walkthroughs are used to market properties, they can help buyers and tenants get a feel for the property before visiting it in person. This can save time and money for both parties. It also helps to pre-qualify prospective buyers and focus efforts on those who are genuinely interested in purchasing or leasing the property.

The real estate industry is constantly changing. New trends emerge all the time, such as aerial and drone photography and virtual staging. However, it is important to keep in mind that these are tools, not replacements for high-quality photography. Developing a style that is unique and consistent is critical to success in real estate photography, as well as having the proper equipment. A tripod, extra batteries and backup storage are all essential tools for this type of photography.

It is also important to remember that the use of wide-angle lenses can create distortion in photos. This can make rooms look smaller and can distort vertical lines. This can turn off potential buyers and sellers, so it is essential to use the right lens when taking real estate photos.

Christchurch is one of the top destinations in New Zealand for investment properties. It is undervalued and affordable, and its housing market has been growing quickly. However, the yields from investing in Christchurch properties may not be as high as some other parts of New Zealand. The interactive map below shows which Christchurch suburbs are the fastest to grow in value and where you can get the best gross rental yields.

Property Video Marketing

Real estate video marketing allows agents to promote their properties to a wider audience online. These videos can take many formats, from video slideshows to virtual tours using 360-degree technology. They can also provide additional information about a property or its neighborhood, or they can address common difficulties faced by people who are buying property.

Whether they are produced by real estate agencies or private sellers, property marketing videos can help attract buyers and sell homes faster. They are a cost-effective way to showcase the features of a property and engage prospective buyers. Seeing a property in person is often high on the priority list of prospective buyers, so a video can give them an idea of what to expect before they make a visit.

One of the most popular property videos on YouTube is an interview with agent Ryan Serhant about his career as a real estate broker. This video has many qualities that make it a great example of effective real estate marketing: it is well-produced, uses the brokerage’s branding, and has interesting music. It also includes a testimonial from a client and footage of the home itself, making it feel more relatable to potential buyers than a traditional listing video.

Commercial Video Marketing

Whether you are selling a commercial property or residential home, real estate videography is an excellent way to promote your business. It can be used to show off the unique features of a property and help potential buyers understand how it will fit into their lifestyle. It can also highlight the features of a community and the local amenities. Real estate video marketing can help you stand out from your competition and attract more leads.

Omnicron Productions is a video agency in New Zealand that offers a range of creative video services. They provide corporate videos, event videos, and interactive video production. They have a highly experienced and professional team of filmmakers, editors, and videographers. They can deliver high-quality and cost-effective solutions.

They have worked with clients from various industries such as FMCG, finance & insurance, health & education, infrastructures and trade. They also offer photography and graphic designing. They have a state-of-the-art studio with facilities like green screen, infinity cyclorama white screen, and special effects.

Besides real estate photography and videography, Take Five provides 3D Matterports, 2D floor plans, and social media content. They have a number of packages for both residential and commercial properties. The package includes 3-5 photos, interior and exterior shots of the property, as well as the virtual tour. It also includes a short video showing the property’s highlights and a full measure, draw, and supply of 2D floor plan files.

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