Selling Skills in B2B Sales Performance

Selling skills are a crucial component of salespeople’s ability to close business-to-business (B2B) deals. Salespeople are required to have a strong understanding of the customers’ needs and requirements in order to deliver on their promises and help prospects achieve their objectives. To be successful, salespeople need to use a variety of skills, including product and customer knowledge, business acumen and communication abilities.

A primary reason why buyers purchase a good or service is to meet a specific need, for example to get from one location to another in a timely manner. Therefore, a primary selling skill is being able to illustrate how your product or service can address these needs. For example, if you are selling energy saving equipment, you can provide customers with examples and details of how their investment will pay off over time through energy savings.

B2B salespeople should also be able to understand the business challenges that their customers are facing and offer solutions that will help them overcome these obstacles. This is a key selling skill that helps establish trust and build relationships with customers. For example, Damian Vaughn, head of programs at BetterUp, a company that connects business leaders with executive-level coaching, says that he and his team host dinners for groups of potential clients in their offices to get to know them and discuss their challenges.

The research aim is to empirically verify a conceptual framework of seven seller skills in B2B sales performance, which was developed by Verbeke., Dietz. and Verwaal (2011). online marketplace

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