Smart Home Initiative From the CSA – Matter Residences

If you’re a home automation pro or just a smart-home hobbyist, there’s probably been a time when you’ve wished your devices could play nicely together. That’s what Matter aims to do, and it’s already getting plenty of support from the likes of Apple, Amazon and Google.

Matter is an initiative from the CSA that focuses on interoperability between smart-home devices. It uses a wireless protocol called Thread to allow your devices to communicate with each other over your home network – no detour via the Internet. This is similar to how Apple’s HomeKit works. Devices compatible with Matter will be able to communicate with each other directly from the manufacturer’s app or smart display, without any need for a third-party bridge or hub.

The goal is to make your smart-home system less dependent on the cloud. Matter devices at home will be able to communicate with your apps and displays even when your internet goes down, and they’ll leave fewer data traces on the Internet when they communicate with your voice assistants or other services.

The first smart-home products with Matter compatibility will be announced in 2023. You’ll be able to tell whether a product is compatible by looking for the Matter logo or seeing “Matter” in the product description. Most of the major smart-home hubs from the likes of Apple (HomeKit), Amazon (Alexa and Nest), Google (Nest Hub and Pixel Buds) and Samsung SmartThings will be able to use the technology; some also plan to upgrade their existing Z-Wave and Zigbee devices for Matter over the next year or so. matter residences

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