The Best Reusable Coffee Cup and Travel Mug for 2022

If reducing your environmental footprint is one of your 2022 goals, a reusable coffee cup or travel mug is a simple way to bake sustainability into your daily routine. Sturdy and stylish (not to mention cheaper than a throwaway cup emblazoned with your favorite coffee shop logo), these cups are available in an array of materials from sustainable glass, to safe plastic and – the ultimate eco-friendly option – bamboo fibre. And as an added bonus, many high street chains offer a discount for customers who bring their own cup.

A glass reusable coffee cup is a great option for the eco-conscious as it doesn’t retain scents or flavours from what’s been drunk before – and, if you opt for a double-walled vacuum-insulated model, it’ll keep your drink hot for hours. However, these models can be heavy and break easily if dropped, so choose wisely.

Glass is also a great material to use for your travel mug as it’s a natural and non-toxic material, but you may have problems with the lid sealing properly or you might notice a metallic taste to your drinks (which you can fix by rinsing the interior with baking soda).

Bamboo fibre is a super-sustainable crop, and this cup combines bamboo fibre with stainless steel to create a durable, lightweight, stylish, and leak-proof model. This cup measures 12 ounces, which is the standard size for most coffee shops and it comes with a lid that’s easy to open and close with just your thumb. Plus, the cork sleeve is aesthetically-pleasing and effective at insulate and protecting your hands from the heat of your drink.

This is a real crowd pleaser: the TOPL reusable coffee cup is made from a combination of tempered glass, BPA free plastic and LDPE which is fully recyclable. It also boasts a clever ‘smart’ lid that regulates your flow, so you can sip and stroll minus splashes and a moulded 360-degree drinking hole to allow you to drink from any angle. It’s dishwasher safe and there’s even the option to personalise it for an extra £10, so you can feel extra eco-conscious too.

This cup is not only made from rice husk bioplastic, meaning it’s sustainably sourced and part of a closed-loop system, but it’s also fully compostable, so once you’ve finished with it, you can crush it up and bung it on your compost heap. It’s a little heavier than other models, and some users have noted that the paint can smudge on their hands, but it has a really sleek design and a nice dark navy colouring. best reusable coffee cup

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