The Importance of Cyber Security

Just as physical security is aimed at protecting property and people from criminal activity or accidental damage, cyber security is geared toward preventing computer crime from accessing, destroying, disrupting or otherwise compromising IT systems and applications. This includes a network’s back-end systems, end-user applications, data and the people who rely on them for daily business functions.

As human society goes digital, businesses, industries and government institutions rely more than ever on computers or smart devices to run their operations and to access sensitive information for business, governmental or personal purposes. This increase in reliance on these devices means that there are more potential targets for criminals to exploit and wreak havoc.

Threats can vary from thrill seeking hackers to well-resourced and sophisticated state sponsored attackers. Individual hackers may have financial or extortion motives while others may be motivated by political or social activism (hacktivism).

To protect against such threats, security professionals must consider a broad set of protections including firewalls, antivirus software, encryption, logical bombs and backups. It is important to remember that the best security measures are those that are designed into a system rather than being added later as an afterthought. This is often referred to as ‘security by design’.

In addition, to mitigate against attacks it is important to have a robust and up to date patching process. Also, a solid identity and access management program is critical to prevent attackers from stealing legitimate credentials to gain entry into the system. Lastly, regular backups and testing restores are an excellent way to reduce the impact of an attack. SOCaaS

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