The road to cheaper warranties

Thinking about the way in which warranties work, you may be wondering how you could possibly make any savings. After all, these policies are generally purchased from a local dealership where you have limited room to haggle over the price.

This is actually the first mistake that many UK car owners make. You’re not limited to having to purchase warranties from car retailers and you shouldn’t limit your options by automatically assuming that this is where you should buy from.

If you’ve made this mistake in the past, then it’s fair to say that you’re not alone. Many consumers have been unaware that there were other options available to them and hence have purchased warranties in this manner.

Many have also not realised that a large number of vehicle retailers are simply acting as resellers, selling on a product that is actually produced by warranty specialists.

So how has this situation continued?

With their large marketing budgets and prime locations, car retailers tend to maintain a high profile. Warranty specialists, on the other hand, have spent far less on advertising.

It’s often seemed that they’ve been happy to let dealerships sell their products for them, possibly because they’ve seen this as a cheaper way to reach customers.

The internet has started to bring about some changes. Warranty specialists have realised that online selling allows them to reach consumers at a lower cost.

These lower costs can then be passed on to customers, in the form of lower warranty prices.

The message is clear. If you want to save money on your car warranty policy then you need to shop online. extended vehicle warranty

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